9 Good reasons to fund in confidence

1. Screened projects. 2. Fixed ROI, known at start. 3. All-or-nothing funding.
All projects listed are carefully screened before being published. Projects that received the AAA Certified Label have been assessed by our team of mobile experts, and received on overall rating of +70% on 4 criteria: business potential, innovation, technology, team. Each funding amount gives a return. You know in advance what your payback will be. No surprises! You don't want to get involved in funding a project that lacks a broader support from peers, do you? Or projects that fail to deliver what is needed because of lack of funding. That's why we use this type of funding-concept.
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4. Milestone checking. 5. Execution assured. 6. No charging till fully funded.
You fund apps as they progress. Before the developer can start collecting funds for the next milestone, we check and publish the proof and evidence of the former milestone funding. When a developer stops the project in the middle of a funding process. we are entitled to take over the development and get the app still released on the appstore. So no risk for funders with developers that fail to deliver. Your funding amount is charged to your credit card only when the project gets successfully funded in time. If not, you did not pay anything.
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7. Threshold till launch. 8. Funder payback control. 9. Real-time revenue tracking.
We want to be sure the app gets launched on the Appstore or Google Play. So we keep a slice of the funds collected till the very end of the development process.

We make sure you get paid out by the developer. And we use this logic: +The first funders are paid back firstly. That looks right, no? +The first revenues generated by the app are used for paying back funders.

Each funder can track the status on the progress of the pay-out at any time, using his personal sales report. This comprehensive report can be accessed when logging in. to the account.
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