How it works

AppsFunder is a great way to get my new app funded.

1. Tell us the story behind your app.

Tell us why your new app is so unique. Convince us you are as dedicated as we are to make it happen. We screen your project on its realism, and on your commitment to push it to execution.

We also offer you the possibility to pitch your app to our Expert Panel. It consists of mobile industry-experts with a proven track record in development, monetization, marketing, ...of mobile apps. Your app will be rated on 4 important criteria (innovation, technology, business potential and team). Each app that receives a total score of over 70% gets our AAA Certified Label, increasing its chances to get funded successfully.

2. Start receiving pledges.

Okay, we believe you! We make a compelling showcase for your app!

Your backers can buy a REWARD PACK that you define,  or fund to get a REVENUE SHARE to receive a slice of the earnings you make once your app is published on Google Play or the Apple Appstore.

I'm into it! Let's see if this works!

3. Promote and build-up funders.

Spread the word! Reach out using our widget, sharing your link,..!.Build up a dedicated customer-base for future downloads.

4. Get funds as you make progress.

  • When starting your project, you are asked to indicate to us in which delay you intend to finish the planned work.
  • We split the total funds per milestone in smaller slices, based on the number of months you specified when starting the project.
  • You receive the next slice of funds as soon as we receive an update and evidence of the work you executed.

5. Publish your app on the App Store or Google Play

Great, you made it! Now publish your app in the appstore, and start selling.

  • We send you the full details of all funders that backed your project with a reward pack, so you can start organizing the fulfillment of the rewards you offered.
  • For the payback of your funders that opted for a revenue-share based funding, we will ask you to grant us access to your account on iTunes Connect or Google Play. We track the sales, and organise the pay-backs to your funders.

You continue making money on the appstore as normal as soon as your backers have been paid.

OK, let's get started!

AppsFunder is a great way to get rewards and revenue shares for apps I supported.

1. Support apps you believe in.

Give your support to apps you think they are worthy of your trust. We screen projects in advance to make sure you support committed developers.

Moreover, apps with the AAA Certified Label have been positively judged by our Expert Panel of mobile industry - experts. They rate projects on 4 important criterias: innovation, technology, business potential and team. App projects with an overal score of over 70% get certified.

Even if you will not use the app yourselves, it's still worth supporting the project, as you can get a share in the revenues from the app.

2. Fund per milestone.

BUY a REWARD PACK and get a great reward-pack as specified by the project owner per amount.

FUND to get a REVENUE SHARE: you get a multiple in return on the funding you made. We offer the following paybacks:

  • Fund $25.00 (or in € or GBP), and get $40.00 back from the app revenues
  • Fund $50.00 (or in € or GBP), and get $80.00 back from the app revenues
  • Fund $100.00 (or in € or GBP), and get $220.00 back from the app revenues

I like this concept. Let's see if it works.

3. Share your support.

Spread the word with us! Help to make it happen. Use our widget, links,...and reach out!

4. Be 100% refunded if the project is not succesfully funded in time.

We use Paypal for accepting your pledges.

When you support a project, your account will be charged immediately. You will receive a full refund if the project is not funded successfully in time

Hmm, that's what I wanted to hear! Let's give it a trial!

5. Follow-up and get your return

Great, they made it!

  • If you funded the project with a REWARD PACK, the project owner will get in touch with you to organize the fulfillment of the related reward-pack.
  • You backed the project to get REVENUE SHARE? Great! As soon as the app is published on the App Store or on Google Play, you get a slice of their earnings. We track the sales by accessing the developer-account of the app-builder. We collect the payback you are entitled to, and pay it to you using Paypal.

You can follow-up your portfolio at any time by accessing your funder-account on AppsFunder.