App Your Event

Offer your visitors, exhibitorsand sponsors an enhanced event-experience:

  • UP-SELL visibility and lead generation to your sponsors and exhibitors
  • Visitors collect CONTACT-information
  • Digital CONFERENCE BAGS are the most convenient way to network when your event is over

How to avoid spending money on it?

Easy! Follow this 3 steps to get your event app funded without killing your budget.

  1. Submit your project, Use our widget to integrate your campaign on your website.
  2. Your visitors make pledges of $2-$10. Lots of small pledges will bring your app to life.
  3. In return, you give your visitors a premium for your event, and the app of course!

We apply an all-or-nothing funding principle: only when the target amount is reached in time, you get the funds, your funders are charged and they receive the app and your premium.

Any suggestion on the premiums I can offer to my funders?

Some suggestions from our side to help you out:

  • offer them a coupon, a discount-deal, ...from one of your sponsors
  • upgrade their ticket by allowing access to other paying services, content, seminars, workshops, ...on your event
  • give them a personalized goodie bag
  • ....

Plenty of ways to offer premiums without making additional costs!

You want to try it out? Okay, great, let's make it happen together!

You want your app to be made for you?

That's fine. We will be happy to make you an offer you can't refuse. Contact us.