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A location based alarm.

I came up with this idea for the app a few years ago but have only really thought about it again recently because I had realised nobody else has thought of it yet! 

So I spoke to the founder of App Factory about my idea and he provided some basic costs (milestones based on this) and some recommendations.

The important bit,  the app. My idea is to have a location based alarm app. Alot of you would be thinking why? Some may be thinking,  that sounds great!

Why? - this app could be useful for a number of reasons some being:
*On your way home from a night out or from an event which just finished late and you decide to take a bus or a train home. One main worry at this time is that you fall asleep and miss your stop,  but now you can set an alarm to be triggered by getting to a certain location or again set by a train station.
*If you are on the way to meet a friend but you don't know the area well, you can be alerted based on a certain location or even Train Station or bus stop.

Even looking away from the bus stops and other landmarks, you can use a map and allow the user to search by postcode, address,  town etc. And then they pin the map and set a radius then when the phone comes within the radius the alarm goes off!

Feeding off these reasons there are plenty of growth avenues this app could go down to be very useful to the user such as: -allowing users to add locations of bars/restaurants and other businesses for others to see. -a linking of other users to each other on a "friends list" which may allow the user to be notified once one of their "friends" are within the same proximity - albeit a planned meeting or just by coincidence!

Patent for this app idea is due.

What makes this app so unique

  • There is no app like this on the market and I believe that the functions listed in the description will only aid day to day life for users. I highly doubt this app,  once launched,  will ever be rendered redundant.

Why we need your support

  • Blueprints of the app with example screen shots and logo
  • App Development



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  • Blueprints of the app with example screen shots and logo - £ 5.000,00
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