Online tool for creating of the mobile applications for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Anybody can now create mobile applications online, even without any programming skills. Ambrowse allows you to create applications easily in environment of the web browser in minutes. Simple porting (compiling) of the existing website to the native mobile application is also possible. Advanced editing tool allows for full customization of application design.
Ambrowse is designed for anybody, who wants to create HIS own mobile application for both Apple iOS and Google Android and does not want to spend too much finances for developing and programming. The application, created using Ambrowse is fully comparable to any other professional application.

Using Ambrowse anybody can create mobile application free of charge up to the last point, he/she can create the content, insert photos and pictures, choose and adjust the advanced design, test it on smartphone and tablet.  Up to this moment it is free of charge.

If satisfied with the application and its content, he/she can immediately publish it on Apple Appstore and Google Play. The setup fee is 15euros/application, paid once, and hosting fee is 10euros/application, paid monthly, for hosting of the application on the Ambrowse servers of our company. Ambrowse then enables the user to see the statistics of the usage of the application. The application creator can start making profit right from the application afterwards.

What makes this app so unique

  • Ambrowse is so called „social / open / interactive“ applications builder, when several online users from different places can modify and share the open application, which is being built. Ambrowse is the only platform that allows users to interact with other users in applications building.
  • The first owner of the application creates the application and invites the others via Ambrowse system to add their content into the application. When other users add or change their content, it has to be first approved by the application owner.
  • Open application brings new point of view on the application building. Users can create their community for creating the applications. Every user can change the content or design, and afterwards the application owner decides, which one he will approve (and which one reject). This makes Ambrowse also a social application for sharing of the ideas and the content - sharing means more fun for the users and opens the new possibilities on applications building tools market.

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