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Imagine yourself on a warm and bright Saturday morning. You've just woken up and you decide to check your phone for the weather and daily occurrences on the news. You receive a call from a close friend asking if you'd like to go out for a day of fun and relaxation. Of course, you're happy to oblige. You get dressed and you're out the door. Once you leave, your wifi disconnects and your 4G LTE comes to life. You enjoy your time out, and now return home. You get in, change into your binge clothes and get onto Netflix/Hulu straight away. After a few hours, you fall asleep. You wake up on Sunday morning, feeling refreshed, having gotten a good night's sleep. You glance at your phone that is still placed in your lap and you see the notification led flicker a cool blue. You excitedly unlock your phone to view the message, as you think it is your friend expounding on how much fun you had the day before, however, it's not from them. Or any other friend. Or family for that matter. It's from your service provider telling you that you've used 100% of your data for your current billing cycle. Even worse, today's only the 7th of the month. You look down in concentration, hoping that there is even the slightest remnant of a memory of you turning your wifi back on, but alas, there is none. Don't you wish there was an app that could've notified you once you got back home that your data was still on?

What makes this app so unique

  • This is a first of its kind app. As well as this, it will save many people on extra data costs.

Why we need your support

  • Enough for a quoted price for development for a normal app made by Jauggernaut.
  • To correct any software issues that may arise.
  • To provide self payment.



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