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The product is: A booking app.
The industry: Aviation/ Air Travel
Basically I want to make an app for people to book flights. Sounds obvious? No my friend. The end user will be able to compare flight ticket from various airlines. Not only tickets but also the exact seat on the plane. The app will have a simulation of the plane seating arrangement. So if you want to fly to London from New York City, for instance, the app will present you separate tickets and show your the exact seat. Once you book, you'll be provided with a simple code. What if you loose the phone? There's an automatic link sent to your email. What's more, you can use you ID no. or Passport Number at the Airport to retrieve your booking number.
So what's in it for me. The ad revenue of course
Oh wait, there's more. I'll have agents at various airports around the world to update booked seats on the system. That way I'll create employment. If my people are earning, I am earning.

What makes this app so unique

  • The model of business (we have agents) and the convenience of booking flights from whichever airline

Why we need your support

  • To pay an app developer
  • Legal (patents, copyrighting...etc...)
  • Marketing


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  • To pay an app developer - $ 2.000,00
  • Legal (patents, copyrighting...etc...) - $ 9.000,00
  • Marketing - $ 15.000,00