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Here's a scenario: You tried an online dating app for the first time, and to your surprise, you scored a date! Where do you go on your first date? A restaurant, right?
You get to a restaurant that you only agreed on because you wanted to be polite, and you hate it. Everything about it.
Food Court is a new dating app that matches users based off their favorites restaurants and foods. Users are able to select, from a variety of restauants, which ones they enjoy and the foods they enjoy the most. Users are then matched with other users with similar selections. Users can even make reservations, and, in some cases, even order from the app. This new way of dating will benefit people all over the world by helping them Court others through Food.
In order to be able to acomplish everything, funds are necessary. These funds will be used to create the app and help it through its way to become great. Anything to support the cause even a little would mean everything.
Together, this idea can become the next big app on the mart. You know what they say, the way into a person's heart is through their stomach.

What makes this app so unique

  • Food Court is a new way of looking at dating. Instead of matching users based off of looks or different interests, users are matched with others based off their favorite restaurants and foods. This revolutionary way of finding true love is one that is hoped to be used for generations to come.

Why we need your support

  • Capital to develop the app



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