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The name of my app is called Food Market. Generally it has similar idea to Carousell or Gumtree but the product the app that is dealing is food. It would be a consumer to consumer business model where the seller would list the food they can provide together with the details and interested parties can show interest by chatting up with the seller. The main goal of this app is to provide a platform for aspiring cooks/bakers to earn some bucks while gaining recognition in the food industry while allowing the main audience to enjoy homecook/food catered to different needs. The goal will only be completed everytime food is successfully delivered to the buyer and then they leave a rating. An for any regulations concern, It would not be illegal under the AVA law for individual to sell food to other individual without any license.,

What makes this app so unique

  • It is unique and one of a kind in the App store. An average person consumes 3 meals daily and with this app, they would not have to worry about the availability of food nearby. Furthermore it caters to different peopl's needs especially when they are health concerned. I am sure this app would be popular and widely used.

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