hyper messenger and social - hyper social and messenger


Hyper messenger and social app is one app which means combination of all messengers which known as all in one messenger and with built in(own) messenger.
All in one messengers in the sense all messengers are combined in one app with own built in messenger which introduced first time ever scheduling concept means that we can send message based on time.
Hyper social where all the social networking app combined into one here also a time ever scheduling concept is introduced here we schedule the post based on time like status,photos videos selfie and stories.

What makes this app so unique

  • This type of all in one messenger is not available in the market which has own built in messenger and own social networking site.In app contains special feature called scheduling.
  • App consists of
  • 1 all messengers
  • 2 built in hyper messenger
  • 3 all social networking sites
  • 4 built in hyper social networking site
  • This 4 features are combined in one app so known as hyper social and messenger.
  • it easy get all messengers and social networking sites and own messenger and socail networking site
  • with this combination all traffic of messenger and social networking site goes through the app that means redirecting to this app.
  • This is a unique concept.

Why we need your support

  • creating attractive designed app
  • developing complex app
  • ending developing complex app


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hyper messenger and social

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  • creating attractive designed app - $ 30.000,00
  • developing complex app - $ 30.000,00
  • ending developing complex app - $ 30.000,00