New You Body Transformation - Body transformation app


My app will keep people motivated in their fitness journey as you can take a before picture and input your stats and then on the next page input your goal weight and body fat % and it will transform your pic into what essentially the end result could be. Upgraded versions will include workouts, nutrition info, calorie calculator, social media sharing, a buddy link system, and a few other incentives for upgrading.

What makes this app so unique

  • My app is unique because it will transform your actual picture. Also personal trainers can use it as a motivational platform. It will have many options to help the person reach their goals. This app has the potential to even reach bigger companies and have a possible licensing opportunity.

Why we need your support

  • 1st phase/ concept
  • 2nd phase/ blueprint
  • 3rd phase/ coding



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New You Body Transformation

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  • 1st phase/ concept - $ 500,00
  • 2nd phase/ blueprint - $ 5.400,00
  • 3rd phase/ coding - $ 10.000,00