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NotMyFaceTime allows both adults and children to video chat as their favorite characters, movie stars, comedians, cartoons, Santa, etc. utilizing augmented reality and face changing features.

• The user opens the app and chooses from the variety of characters previously purchased to call another user. 

• The user receiving the call can opt to answer as his or her previously purchased character or as themselves.  The character will say what the calling/receiving user says and they are able to carry on a conversation.  The background will be relevant to each character.  

• The in-app purchases will allow users to purchase their favorite characters as individuals or as packages at a discounted price.   

• In the future this app will allow users to vote for the characters they want added to the store in order to keep up with current needs of the market. 

• This app will allow the user to see those in their phonebook who are on NotMyFaceTime and what characters have previously been purchased.  This feature makes consumers encourage one another to download characters related to their shared interests.

I came up with this idea in September of 2014. Due to complications with my original developer I was forced to put the project on hold. I understand that the name is questionable and am willing to change it but I will continue with it for now. Since I initially attempted to create this app, there have been many attempts but none will be successful as NotMyFaceTime because of my plans to grow this app as a business.

What makes this app so unique

  • What Problem(s) Does it Solve?
  • The unique features of this app will provide the following benefits for all consumers both adults and kids:
  • • The app provides opportunity for children to talk to their favorite cartoon and tv show/movie characters.
  • • NotMyFaceTime gives parents a different way to read bedtime stories from miles away.
  • • The user can have hilarious conversations with friends and family
  • • This app allows the user to add some fun to video chatting.

Why we need your support

  • Mock-up and Prototype Improvement
  • Coding and Initial Marketing



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  • Mock-up and Prototype Improvement - $ 10.000,00
  • Coding and Initial Marketing - $ 50.000,00