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Any task, errand, service you need accomplished can be done now or later by a person ready & able in your area. The person is a RunR.. I run a small business and thought of this one day when I needed things immediately from Staples. I couldn't leave and I thought "hmm, I could get an Uber to do this...but UBER doesn't run errands or go to the post office, they don't take your dog to the groomer or go to the DMV or notary public.

Basically, this app will have RunR's in their cars ready for ANY errand, service or need, whether it be immediately or scheduled for a later date. The drivers are called RunRs and they make $ for their services. The user pays for the service by entering their cc information. Simple concept but so many uses!!

What makes this app so unique

  • I have not seen anything like it. Other than an app that does cleaning . I have not seen another app that would allow people to make money with their cars doing many different things for businesses or personal. Also, giving the user the convenience of using a RunR to complete a task they cannot do, or may not WANT to do.

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