Spinning Challenge - Basic functionality - Spinning Challenge - Basic functionality


The app adds a competitive element to your spinning workouts (indoor cycling). With this app you will be able to compare and compete with yourself and your fellow spinners, and see who spins the hardest, based on an algorithm that uses your heart rate.

Basically you sign up, add your heart rate monitor and start your workout. Then you can see a graph of your pulse within the different heart rate zones. However, the main part is that you can see in real-time, how you compare against your latest workout and against your friends latest workout. This will give you the motivational boost to give that extra push, to get in front and beat yourself and your friends. This app provides a motivation boost.

To begin with, we just want to do a simple iPhone app to test the concept and traction. It should just support one or two heart rate monitors and be kept as simple as possible. It will be developed as a native app, to keep the interaction and real-time updates at its best.

The app will be developed using outsourcing. I already have developers ready and they have already done a rough estimation.

The project will be global from the start, we will make the app in English first, but we will probably be adding other language versions later.

We are considering a subscription based model, with a low monthly fee of $0.99 or $1.99. But could also be a one-time purchase of $5.99.

In addition to this basic functionality, there are also these crowdfunding campaigns for bonus functionality: 
Spinning Challenge - Create Exercise Session
Spinning Challenge - Motivation functionality
Spinning Challenge - Heart Rate Zone Game

I already have apps in the App Store, like Week Number Free that has more than 250.000 free downloads and My Clothes Sizes that has more than 2.000 paid downloads.

A part from these projects, I am an consultant within User Experience and Project Coordination. I am also the owner of Appsfunder Denmark.

What makes this app so unique

  • First mover, there are no apps with exactly this functionality. Though there are very expensive apps based on Watt-measuring, which has the same purpose.
  • This app takes the already successful competitive aspect of workouts and combines it with a social element.
  • It makes it possible to train and be motivated without having to attend a class. Meaning you can do it on your own schedule.

Why we need your support

  • Development of first version


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Spinning Challenge - Basic functionality

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