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This extension will contain three different but highly creative motivational functions.

Bonus: As a motivation to give a little extra in you training with your friends , there will at random times in the workout appear a bonus as they will have to "catch ". The one who reaches the $-sign first, recieves the points.

Pacman : Instead of the traditional line that shows one's progress , in this expansion there will be a Pacman being chased by a ghost. In true style with the original game , you have to reach the large dot before the ghost catches up with you.

Outbreak : In this function a bike will appear from behind at high speed, the bike will count down, marked in seconds. When the bike, catches up with you, you have to keep up with it at the same speed.

This becomes an extension to the app Spinning Challenge - Basic functionality

In addition to this extension will also get: 
Spinning Challenge - Create Exercise Session
Spinning Challenge - Motivation functionality
Spinning Challenge - Heart Rate Zone Game

What makes this app so unique

  • This app takes the already successful competitive aspect of workouts and combines it with a social element.
  • It makes it possible to train and be motivated without having to attend a class. Meaning you can do it on your own schedule.

Why we need your support

  • Development of first version


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Spinning Challenge - Motivation functionality

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