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ver come to a certain point in your day/week where you simply wish you had someone to talk to about any given topic that might interest you, or if you wanted an opinion on something, and didn't feel like asking someone you knew? I can certainly think of instances where I wanted this, and also times where for example, I’d be out and wanted someone to text to have a conversation.

I'd like to create an app that helps facilicate conversation between two people who share common interests or ideas, or to simply create an environment where people can connect to have a conversation. There could an endless amount of reasons for using this app, but here are a few off the top of my head where this app can be very useful:

To have a conversation if they’re bored
To have a conversation about a topic that they may not want to have with a friend
To gain an unbiased opinion from another person on a particular topic
To look busy so no one bothers them if they're out
To look popular in front of people when they're out

The list of reasons can be a lot longer than this if you think about it. One could basically give any reason for the need to talk to someone.

The app would be totally free and would make its money from advertising.

Users of the app would create a profie (preferably via Facebook login) and list a particular topic or question they'd like an opinion or answer on. Users would browse the app community for people with common interests, if they find someone they'd like to talk, they would sent a request, and upon acceptance of the request, the user's phone number would be provided, and the user can then text the other user using their phone's native messaging app, to provide a more personal feel for the conversation, which also makes it look more personal for when you're out and would to talk to someone.

I'm in the beginning stages of the design of this app along with registering a trademark name with the US Patent office.

I'd be happy to hear suggestions, ideas, and opinions on my idea. Looking for the money to be able to code and build the app. Thanks for reading!!

What makes this app so unique

  • only app that facilitates direct conversation through native phone text messaging platforms

Why we need your support

  • trademark registration and blueprint design
  • coding and app development
  • grow awareness, marketing, and advertising


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$ 75,00

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$ 75 funded

2 Funders

Funding not completed

  • trademark registration and blueprint design - $ 5.000,00
  • coding and app development - $ 30.000,00
  • grow awareness, marketing, and advertising - $ 50.000,00