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This is very straight forward. I like to believe that you can create things purely off just sitting in your room staring at the walls for hours which is generally how i came up with this idea. Today is June 10,2016 i recently saw an interview including Bernie Sanders which he felt as though "poor" people didn't vote. I know his choice of words are a bit out of tune but in reality he is indeed correct, so i thought of an idea to make it more convenient and also give us the ability to keep up with the constitution. I think a "Federal approved Presidential Voting App" would be perfect for modern day living. It would give those without vehicles a chance to vote, those people who just hate long lines and just impatient. It also gives everybody the chance to have a voice in the matter of the most important thing we do as Civilians and that's vote for our leader. For 25 years I've seen inventions get moving by clearly only making the human species lazier. We can literally go on and on about these things that make life easier. i.e. computers, cars airplanes just to name a few. I know you're thinking of loopholes but there will be a security review of all votes and also there will be a detailed way of submitting those votes. It will and should be compatible for whatever software or platform The presidents will of course be split by Parties. I'm looking for this to be a government funded application so its needed when elections are about to happen. There's a lot more details to discuss and I'm willing to discuss those with the right people please get back to me as soon as possible so this will be a thing in 2016 instead of the 2020 year of election. I'm thinking ahead to the future and trying to make the human race a little bit more lazier. Thank You, Donte Redding (Founder Of "TheVote Party.")

What makes this app so unique

  • Is there any Presidential Voting app that's government approved for our modern day era? nope, its simply why its unique there's nothing out there convenient enough for us. People use Facebook everyday an app to see whats happening in other's lives. Imagine a voting app that simply lets you sit on the couch and vote for your presidential candidate, the most important thing we do as civilians. 65% of adults have smartphones from a study in 2014 (Source: From the last 4 elections there were only 58.6% of people voting on average. There still a healthy margin of people not voting. We can close the gap by making it more convenient for people and get the person in office the people really want. It shouldn't be an option if its all the rave. We need everyone's opinion not just who the government sees fit. This Is TheVote Party, Lets Vote and have a good time doing so!

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