TRILE is the application which transfers most of the contents of the „old“ mobile device (mobile phone, tablet) to the „new“ one, even in between the different platforms – (Apple iOS vs. Google Android, Google Android vs. Apple iOS).

The main audience for TRILE are the Sellers of the mobile devices (independent small booths at the shopping malls, mobile phone operator booths, ...), mobile phone repair shops, service teams – the size of the shop is not important. They could use TRILE Application for the paid service of content transfer for their customers at the time of the sale of the new device. TRILE Application could also be used by the end-user customers who want to transfer the content of one of their devices into the other one.

What makes this app so unique

  • The main advantage of TRILE Application is that it works very well mostly in between the platforms of the mobile devices - Apple iOS vs. Google Android, Google Android vs. Apple iOS – the best amongst all the other such applications that we have tested. Of course, we have written and tested it the way to eliminate all the negative and unfunctional behaviour of the other such applications.

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