Who better to advertise for a product then the people who actually use the product themselves ?

We make the people model or brand ambassadors for the product they use. They get rewarded for posting products and their imagery on social networking and using reward points to purchase goodies available on our store.
We also employ game tactics and fun into this application.

This lends credibility to the product and also does more advert for the product then facebook advert does (which is also paid by the way).

This also eliminates the need for market segmentation and targeting as the user demography automatically is hitting the right market spectrum.

I have designs ready - but lack the funding to make this idea big.

What makes this app so unique

  • This application helps market products more effectively than facebook adverts.

Why we need your support

  • beta version App Development
  • Web component and Alpha version full scale launch on app store
  • App Marketting and PR


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