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Bill Liao

Bill Liao is currently European Venture Partner at SOSventures. He's also an advisor to Playmob, on of the leading mobile gaming ventures. Bill succesfully co-founded the leading professional social network… Read more

Pascal De Keyser

Pascal made his marks in succesfully building and managing global businesses. He has passion for innovation, a strong belief in the power of digital technology and a good understanding of the hurdles that… Read more

Pieterjan Bouten

Pieterjan Bouten is co-founder of In The Pocket, one of the fastest growing mobile app - development companies with a blend of international customers.

Rachid Sefrioui

Rachid Sefrioui is Managing Director at Finaventures. He's an experienced Private Equity & Venture Capital General Partner, with a hands-on senior executive experience with over twenty years of finance,… Read more

Taylor Pierce

Taylor Pierce has been developing apps since Apple’s App Store opened to the public in 2009. In the summer of 2010, Taylor was awarded an internship with the coveted Apple Headquarters in Cupertino,… Read more

Toan Nguyen

Toan Nguyen is the founder of NTT Corporate, a private company offering offshore web and mobile development services. The company also invests in web and mobile start-up companies.