Start your project

1. Publish and promote your next killer-app.

Showcase your project on our platform. Start sharing on Facebook, Google+, Twitter,...and promoting your funding-project. Use our widget to engage your potential funders on your own website, blog, ...

AppsFunder helps you in getting visibility by creating online buzz through our social-media footprint and email-campaigns.

Okay, let's start right away!

2. Collect funds and build your app.

Your backers can support you by making two different types of pledges:

REWARDS: offer packs of rewards and perks per amount

REVENUE SHARES: receive pledges between $25.00 and $100.00 and offer a MULTIPLE RETURN from your sales on Google Play and Apple Appstore.

You set the target amount . YOU ONLY GET THE FUNDS WHEN YOU REACH THE TARGET IN TIME; So spread the word!


You want to get the development of a new puzzle-game for iTunes funded. You need $10,000 to develop and launch your app. You plan to sell it for $0.99 on iTunes. So, this is how it could work:

  • You sell 200 REWARDS for $25 each. You offer a free copy, a t-shirt, credits in the game, ...
  • 80 backers pledge $25 to get $40 back from your sales
  • 40 backers pledge $50 to get $90 back from your sales
  • 10 backers buy pledge $100 to get $220 back from your sales
  • SO, $10.000 collected AND a 300+ customers to jumpstart your app in the appstore!

  • We charge our 8%-commission on the funds collected, of course only if you have reached your target in time. We also receive 5% of your app-revenues.

3. You receive funds as you make progress.

  • When starting your project, you are asked to indicate to us in which delay you intend to finish the planned work.
  • We split the total funds per milestone in smaller slices, based on the number of months you specified when starting the project.
  • You receive the next slice of funds as soon as we receive an update and evidence of the work you executed.

4. Your funders get their return.

  • Funders that bought a REWARD PACK for your project, will receive the rewards as you defined them. You take care of the delivering the agreed rewards.
  • Funders that pledged funds to recieve a REVENUE SHARE of your project will receivea slice of the sales revenue you generate, depending on the pledges they made for funding. Your revenues can be on app sales, ad revenues, in-app purchases, ...

In order to track the correct pay-back towards funders, we will ask you to grant us access to your account on iTunes or Google Play.

    When all funders are paid out correctly, we cancel our access to your account. You start to make money as normal on the app-store.

Ready to kick-off? Great, submit your app!